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The use of blow molding in the industrial environment has revolutionized so that it is widely used for meeting the need of plastic ware.
In the world of industrial more developed countries and regions,Hot runner mold production are extremely active. Percengtage of hot runner mold is incresse.

A plaster plastic molding companies may also recover and also strengthen historic decorative plasterwork which has been broken.


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Pmold Industrial(HongKong) Limited

Pmolds company established in 1998 in Shenzhen of Guangdong, China.We specialize in different kinds of high-quality plastic mold and related injection molding services, always provide the most cost effective way of design & manufacturing to meet customer’s individual requirements. Pmolds is an excellent plastic mould supplier in the line, we clearly understand what lead time, quality and price mean to our customers.

Our company focus on manufacturing plastic mould, plastic injection and assembly. Our aim at producing moulds with precision, complexity, various size and longer service life. Pmolds engineers are experienced in working with technical requirements of American & Germany customers. Our customers have the benefits of speaking directly to our Project Manager in English fluently.

Pmolds has established a complete follow-up service system to ensure quality service to our customers. We hope to be accepted & satisfied by customers through our continuously mature marketing network and improved after service.

Building precision plastic injection molds for our global customers continues to be PMold's core business. Employing over 100 skillful engineers and workers, PMold delivers over 400 top quality molds a year to many of the world's best companies. The ability to produce mold at the highest international standard, strong engineering and design capability, fluent English communication skill, aggressive lead times, competitive pricing and business integrity continues to be the success factor of PMold.

The PMold team looks forward to participating in the success of your next program.

German Precision, American Service, Chinese prices...That's Pmolds

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